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woensdag, augustus 24, 2005

latte-art with motta

After working with my new motta jugs for about a week i got a very good view of what the are, Like with the 1 liter you can make 4 cappuccino and a milk coffee or if you having a good day 5 cappuccino's. but because the spout is to wide you cant make a desent latte-art with it. With the 0,75 liter i made the most wonderfull latte-art and is great in handeling, and yes the pictures of all this will be here at the end of this week. And for the final the 0,5 liter jug, i dont now exactly wath to do with this one. I can make 2 cappuccino's with it and if i try also 2 latte-art but i am used to work with bigger jugs so i have to explore the how i can fit this i mine work behind the machine. But it is worth to buy a Motta jug.


At 4:26 a.m., Blogger Ant said...

how do you rate the feel of the motta jugs? I don't know if it's my particular pouring style, but it seems that I am pouring more by sight and less by weight.


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