as a barista i will keep you informed about my work from out the netherlands

maandag, augustus 29, 2005


This afternoon whe trained for the dutch latte-art championship with my four teammembers. The program was presentation and competion training so the have a fealing with time during the match, and wath the have to do to prepair them self for it. And also having a lot of fun. During this i made some pictures of them and our machine (of course a mirage). The next thing the have to do is making there own presentation and work with it so the now what to do. I was also impressed with some of the latt-art but i now the can do it.

woensdag, augustus 24, 2005


Made it 2 weeks ago for a foto shoot for friesche vlag, looks oke?

latte-art with motta

After working with my new motta jugs for about a week i got a very good view of what the are, Like with the 1 liter you can make 4 cappuccino and a milk coffee or if you having a good day 5 cappuccino's. but because the spout is to wide you cant make a desent latte-art with it. With the 0,75 liter i made the most wonderfull latte-art and is great in handeling, and yes the pictures of all this will be here at the end of this week. And for the final the 0,5 liter jug, i dont now exactly wath to do with this one. I can make 2 cappuccino's with it and if i try also 2 latte-art but i am used to work with bigger jugs so i have to explore the how i can fit this i mine work behind the machine. But it is worth to buy a Motta jug.

maandag, augustus 22, 2005

picture of my pitcher

here is a picture of the pitchers/milkjugs i am using at the moment for training so i can use these during competition for the dutch latte-art and barista championships.

1 group mirage

I just heard during the weekend that kees v.d. westen is building a 1 group mirage with all the features from the 2 group machine like a double boiler and pre-infusion and exelent steam capacitie. This espresso machine can be on your kitchen table during november/december and you can than make the greatist espresso/latte-arts you can dream of. On the foto above you see teh 2 group machine you only have to think in your mind that it is a 1 group.

zondag, augustus 14, 2005

milk jugs arived

yesterday my 3 new milk jugs arived an i cant wait to try them out. With these jugs you can pour a realy nice latte-art in a cappuccino form, 1/3, 1/3, 1/3. So when you pour you can steer the jug real smooth and make a good latte-art with it. Later these week i will post a picture of it and also a picture of a latte-art wish i made with these jug.

maandag, augustus 08, 2005

milk jugs

Today i have ordered 3 new milk jugs in 3 diverend sizes 0,5 0,75 and 1 liter. This milk jugs are from motta out of italy and have the same spout as the alessi milk jugs and the same thicknis of metal. At the bodem the are like a cilinder an from the middle the are conical. cant wait to try these out on my mirage.

first post

i am michel buis and i will try to keep you informed about my work as a barista and latte-art champion from the netherlands. I work for a roaster algra-moccador in Zwolle and also in enkhuizen for grand-cafe van bleiswijk. In enkhuizen i am working behind a 3 groups mistral from kees van der westen with 3 macap m5 grinders and at zwolle whe have a la marzocco and a moccatronic 2 groups machine with diverent kinds of grinders. At home i have a mirage also from kees and a mini mazzer grinder and this also the place where i am training for competions.